Under mixed age approval we can take certain number of children who are younger than 18 months in our toddler room.Young children are encouraged to explore and using all their senses through mindfully planned activities based on the observations and current interests. We encourage and support children to form strong bonds with their educators, as no learning can happen before children feel safe and secure in their environment.


Currently we run two preschool rooms, where focus is on resilience, emotional intelligence and building self esteem among young learners. We strongly believe that those are building blocks for later learning and success in life. Older preschoolers are offered the opportunity to work on their literacy skills in order to get prepared for kindergarten and their future endeavors.

Before and after school program

Children are transported to and from school and offered hot meals upon arrival at the Center. We provide a quiet space where school aged children are encouraged to finish as much of their homework as possible, so that the rest of the day can be spent enjoying time with their family. We believe in providing both structured and free play activities in a safe and comfortable learning environment.